The Executive Council of the Company undertakes various projects that maybe internally or externally focused.

2014 – Change of name; update of Constitution and all policies and procedures to reflect new name

This project is in progress during 2014.

2011 – Closed project – to develop a scholarship to improve training of Flying Instructors

This was a joint project that has been developed with the Industry Skills Council to develop a scholarship course to provide additional training in adult learning concepts for flying instructors.

2011 – Closed project – update of Australian Region Hierarchy of Governance

The Executive Council has completed the update of the Policies and the Manual of Operations. These are now available to all registered members on the website. The update of the Articles of Incorporation for the Region is completed.

2007 – Closed project – Threat & Error Management (TEM) Project

What is Threat and Error Management?
TEM is an approach to flying that seeks to equip the pilot with the skills to recognise and counter everyday problems which, if ignored, will result in accidents or incidents.

There are two skill sets that are required to fly an aircraft safely:

Technical (stick and rudder), and

Non-technical airmanship.

Pilot training has concentrated on teaching the technical skills, with airmanship remaining a nebulous concept left to flying schools and instructors. This project is now closed.

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